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Tecochill Gas Engine Chillers

Gas Engine Chillers from 150 to 400 tons offer an alternative to electric cooling to reducesummer demand rates. By reclaiming heat from the engine, they provide great energy savingsin installations where hot water is used by providing free hot water and a lower carbon footprint.Their quiet operation and lowest fuel input, per unit of cooling, […]

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Saving Money with Concord Furnaces

Saving money for your customers every step of the way! Wondering if Concord™ is the right choice for you? Concord™ is perfect for those in need of an upgrade.Depending upon the model selected, 80 to 95% of the fuel purchased is converted into usable energy that saves money over the life of the equipment. A […]

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Healthy Air for Home and Office

Since the onset of Covid, neutralizing airborne and surface organisms that can cause respiratory issues has become increasingly important through the means of air purification systems. APCO’s unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon has received high honors in the IAQ marketplace. The system sterilizes biological contaminants and neutralizes odors and toxic volatile organic […]

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Infrared Broadens its Appeal in Winter

This winter restaurants, manufacturing, automotive and airport hangars have made the switch toInfraRed to save on energy costs when installing heat. While these are the typical installationswe have been seeing, just about every type of facility can improve their energy cost bottom linewith infrared heat. Radiant infrared heat is like bringing the sun indoors. You […]

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2022 HVAC Savings Are Here

Magic Pak® maximizes every step of a multi-dwelling building’s life.Available as gas heat, heat pump, or electric.Now up to 14 SEER and 11 EER A Winning Story – Magic Pak® All-in-One HVAC✓ Reclaim space for in-demand amenities✓ Open-up outdoor social areas for recreation✓ Inspire modern architectural design✓ Uniform design means less to specify✓ Ease of […]

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Energize CT Partner Award

We are proud to be the recipient of the Energize CT Distributor Excellence Award for high performance in the Commercial distributor program. We assist customers in participating in the state of Connecticut program for obtaining energy rebates for new equipment installed.

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New Codes are coming in 2022

A new family of International Codes is coming, Spring 2022.  Codes are reviewed every three years and were last reviewed in 2015. The 2018 Editions were never voted on so the new codes that are coming will be the 2021 codes.  These codes have been in review all this year and will be passed and […]

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Replacement Market is Booming

With millions of aging HVAC units out in the marketplace it’s time to look to replacement sales. Better energy efficiency is making sound sense to customers contemplating replacing both furnaces and air conditioning systems.  Offering your customers the opportunity to cash in on savings this fall season, while energy rebates are still available, can boost […]

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Keeping Up With Rising Energy Costs

Cheaper, less efficient HVAC systems of the 1970s were only about 65% efficient. Updated equipment since that time has increased efficiency to about 78% which still needs today’s code requirements but will soon be changed to a higher requirement. Today it’s possible to purchase equipment that is highly efficient, meaning as much as 98.2% of […]

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Can Earlier Model Magic Pak™ Systems Be Replaced By One Of Today’s Product Offerings?

For over 50 years the Magic-Pak™ concept of heating and cooling apartment buildings and condominiums has become increasingly popular among building designers and mechanical contractors. An advantage to the single packaged, ducted system is that concerns over its obsolescence is eliminated. Replacements are available for units installed in the very earliest installations of 50 years […]

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