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GREE Multi-Pro

The Future of Indoor Comfort

A Multi-Pro system is an HVAC system that uses VRF technology to provide comfort to the space. With the cost of energy ever increasing and low NOx regulation enforcement growing, some areas have established moratoriums on new gas furnaces encouraging utilities to offer more energy efficient rebates for heat pumps.

The five speed (stage) inverter compressor of GREE Multi-Pro systems has been proven to be highly energy efficient, provide better comfort and higher heat pump performance. than other VRF products on the market. A low start-up amperage and the greater number of stages offers the Grid, generators and alternative energy users an easier capacity provision to meet load requirements.

Heating and cooling load requirements change throughout the day. When the compressor is running at full speed and the load requirement deceases, energy is wasted. The Multi-Pro system is a true, variable speed, inverter-driven system that uses as little as 1 Hz to meet the right capacity needed and provide heat pump performance that offers 31% to 68% more heat than other inverter systems.

Smaller temperature swings mean longer run times and less humidity, great for our moist summer climate and better indoor comfort. Zoning is seldom done correctly, leaving undesirable cold spots, hot spots, dump zones – the issues that zoning is trying to control. The solution is the variable refrigerant flow Multi-Pro system with intelligent temperature control; technology requiring only a small installation space that can be connected up to 10 indoor units!!

VRF Technology can be used in an application where there are traditional ducts and in locations where ducts are not feasible due to building or size limitations. It can provide solutions for many difficult facility layouts that do not lend themselves to conventional heating and cooling systems. Various air handler options with a VRF expands the system’s flexibility options. Traditional coils and ducted air handlers can be combined with ceiling mounted cassettes, wall mounted varieties or even console style floor mounts, allowing for the optimal flexibility and use of the technology.