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Magic-PakA trusted name in multi-family HVAC since 1964, MagicPak™ can save up to $500 per unit in up front costs.  The MagicPak™ system is a completely self-contained heating/cooling package designed for multi-dwelling installations.

  • – no outside condensing unit
  • – no external refrigerant lines
  • – no separate cooling coil
  • – no chimney

MagicPak™ systems allow you to remove 20 time-consuming steps from your installation. With no added assembly, it is as easy as uncrating and setting the unit in the closet. All that is left to do is provide the gas line for heating and power connection (1 phase, 230V, 60 Hz), provide a condensate drain, and provide low voltage connection to a thermostat. Cooling drain lines are included with this unit. The units fit into a wall inside each dwelling and take about an hour and a half to install, reducing labor costs.

A consistent footprint room to room, floor to floor, building to building also reduces costs and scheduling conflicts. Each MagicPak™ unit is factory assembled and tested to eliminate onsite assembly issues. Units are factory pre-wired and pre-charged which eliminates installation warranty claims. The convenience of a slide out/slide in replacement, cooling chassis design, prevents service downtime in summer for building managers and eliminates resident discomfort.

  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Easy to install
  • Limited 5 year warranty

For building owners, MagicPak™ makes metering and control problems completely disappear. This through-the-wall system mounts flush to any outside wall and the built-in power vent eliminates the need for any chimney. Preferred by the design community, to split systems, the MagicPak™ is a perfect choice because there are no exterior condensing units on the ground, or refrigerant lines, to mar the beauty of the facility. 

Manufactured in the U.S. by Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International Company, MagicPak™ brings reliable comfort with individual control to residents of apartments, condominiums, student and senior housing. Each MagicPak™ unit easily connects to ductwork to deliver both heating and air conditioning to each individual room.