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New Glastonbury Apartments Welcome Pets!

Located on the corner of Hebron Ave and House Street in Glastonbury, CT you’ll find a new, pet friendly apartment and townhouse community. This one of a kind complex holds a variety of single-level apartments near downtown.

Heating and cooling each residential space is Magic Pak ®, a quality packaged HVAC system that is fully ducted and provides heating and air conditioning to one, two, or three-bedroom apartments. This system was selected because it provides owner and tenant benefits not available with a split system, which are often used in multi-family dwellings such as this.

The small footprint of the M-series minimizes space requirements and building penetrations and offers greater design flexibility, individual metering and individual control.

The MAGIC-PAK® is designed to blend in beautifully with a building’s façade. Custom louvers provide an “invisible” look.
The building’s exterior is free of condensing units, meters, and line sets. Damage to units is prevented and the grounds have a more esthetic appearance.
Developers choose Magic-Pak® systems because they save on installation time, space, and cost. Self-contained, pre-charged and factory tested, the cooling section operates with one line voltage connection, that also serves the heating section.
Magic Pak® systems mount flush to any outside wall without an external flue. Design certified as a direct vented appliance, their dependable performance saves time and expense on multi dwelling projects. For more information, and to find out how these units compare to what you have been using, call us today!