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Radiant infrared systems bring the technology of the sun indoors. This impressive machinery works to heat the objects around you, rather than the air, creating warmer temperatures faster. Objects absorb the heat and reflect it back into the surrounding area, causing individuals to feel warmer at lower temperatures. Buildings designed with infrared have seen a 25 to 40% decrease in heating input causing a great reduction in energy costs. Both high intensity and low intensity (tube type) varieties, offer building owners great economy and heating flexibility.

Infrared systems are also good for the planet. These systems use less fuel than hot-air type heaters to provide a more efficient and more satisfying heat experience for the customer. To encourage the use of these highly efficient systems, the State of Connecticut introduced energy initiatives to lower the initial cost of installation. The Connecticut Standard Building Guide’s Compliance Manual for High Performance Buildings encourages all state facilities to consider infra-red heating whenever applicable. Lower energy consumption will also reduce heating costs for the extended life of the heater. Savings of over 50% have been recorded when replacing older, less efficient hot-air systems.

Radiant infrared heat is so versatile it can be used virtually anywhere, indoors and out, with installations in settings such as sporting arenas, patios, stores, automotive testing facilities, and more. Additional advantages have even been seen in car washes and firehouses, where infrared is used to help melt snow and ice in the winter seasons. Often desired for its “spot heating” capabilities, manufacturing facilities or warehouses will choose high intensity infrared to provide heat to a particular area.

With several styles available to meet your installation needs, infrared heat is the way to go! Systems are manufactured for all fuels, so no matter what fuel you heat with, whether you use natural gas, propane or oil, there is a system for you. Just select the proper heater design for your installation and it will provide you with many years of satisfactory heating comfort and savings.