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Hartford Toyota

Infrared heat is a highly desired HVAC choice for auto dealerships. Overhead doors in the service bays make it difficult in winter to keep workers comfortable. Hot air systems such as unit heaters waste the heat at the ceiling and leave workers and tools cold. With infrared the floor, objects and people act as a heat sink just like rays from the sun on a summer’s day.
When a facility is designed with infrared heat in mind, a lower BTU input is used which saves energy and $ for the owner with assistance from Connecticut’s Energy Fund, the first cost of a new or upgraded system of infrared is made very cost effective. Savings over the life of the equipment is the long term added benefit, so it pays to consider infrared for all facilities needing new or newly renovated HVAC systems. Hartford Toyota selected a low intensity infrared Omega II system along with 4 Synergy high-intensity heaters geared for spot heating in the service areas.