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Allied Commercial™

Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International company, is comprised of several brands of heating and cooling equipment for the residential and commercial market.

Allied Commercial is a comprehensive line of comfort systems that features components that endure the demands of the commercial environment.

Allied Commercial

K-Series™ rooftop packages, gas-electric, electric-electric, or heat pump models, 2 to 25 tons with slide our blower for easy cleaning, belt adjustment or replacement and 10 yr. aluminized steel heat exchanger warranty.

Z-Series™ rooftop package designed to fast fit; compatible with today’s most popular curb sizes. Saves up to $1500 on replacement when used with existing curb. 3 to 12.5 tons, up to 14 SEER, available as gas-electric or electric-electric. (3 to 10 tons heat pump models). 10 yr aluminized steel heat exchanger warranty.

T-Series™ commercial split systems 6 to 20 tons and up to 12.0 SEER. Units can be installed horizontally or vertically to fit job requirement. Units come fully assembled, ready to install selected drives and motors. Single zone, VAV supply fan technology option. Improved indoor air quality with UVC lamps and Merv 10 and Merv 16, 5” filter option.

Industrial Oil Furnaces built to use energy wisely; 81% of fuel consumed can be felt as usable heat. Two different burner kits allow a choice between 225,000 and 450,000 BTU/hr output. Vertical or horizontal install for greater flexibility. Stainless steel heat exchanger means lasting durability. Rail mounted slide out blowers and removable side panels offer ease of service. The furnace is built to perform and built to last. Tough construction stands up to years of use. A 5 yr limited heat exchanger warranty.

Unit Heaters compactmodel, LF-24 for hard to heat applications requiring fresh air for combustion due to excessive dust, dirt humidity or negative pressure. Capacity ranges from 30 to 75,000 BTUh. Standard model 100,00 to 390,000 BTUh; 81% thermal efficiency; stainless steel heat exchanger available.

Model LF-25 up to 83% efficient; tubular heat exchanger; 180° installation capability allows for easy set up and service.