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NetSource first opened its doors in 1993 with three employees in a 6,000 sq. ft. facility producing just one product line of telecommunications equipment.

The company expanded, and so did their product line. Due to their success, NetSource expanded its physical footprint in 2019, upgrading to a 60,000 sq. ft. purpose-built plant in Manchester, Connecticut. In addition to warehouse and manufacturing space, this new facility also houses a state-of-the-art testing lab.

Most recently, NetSource added 25,000 sq. ft. of space to increase their FTTx and broadband fiber production capabilities.

Netsource is a company that knows quality matters. Selecting Allied Commercial™ heating and Omega Infrared heat for their new facility will provide the service and economy needed to keep Netsource competitive in today’s marketplace.

Why Choose Allied™?

Allied Commercial™ is a comprehensive line of comfort systems that features components that endure the demands of the commercial environment. Each unit goes through a rigorous 200-point quality check and run testing regimen before leaving the factory, so they arrive at the job site charged to exact specification which provides years of solid, trouble-free operation.

The new K-Series™ with reheat option delivers an efficient, effective and affordable way to remove moisture from the air, based on relative humidity levels not temperature, avoiding over cooling and excessive energy use.

The K-Series has several features designed to reduce both installation and service time:

  • • Isolated compressor for fast, accurate charge confirmation.
  • • Slide-out blower for quick and easy cleaning, belt adjustment and parts replacement.
  • • Easy-to-reach gas compartment for quick and easy analysis and service.

Available from 2 to 25 tons K-Series rooftop packages come in gas-electric, electric-electric, or heat pump models. Standard models are also available with an optional reheat dehumidification system.

Check out our Allied Commercial™ Product Page or the Allied Commercial™ Section of our blog for case histories, product news, and more!

Why Choose Infrared Heat?

Radiant heat is like bringing the sun indoors, heating people and objects not just the air. You actually feel warmer at lower temperatures, resulting in huge savings. Because of this, infrared is often used in facilities where there is a lot of outside air to contend with. When there is a lot of outside air, other forms of heating systems fall short of both owner and customer satisfaction. A properly designed infrared system offers owners the most cost saving and energy efficient heating system available.

Omega infrared systems offer an advantage of greater comfort for workers in buildings with high ceilings where warm air rises leaving the floors and feet of workers cold. Concrete floors act like a heat sink. They absorb and maintaining heat at the floor level and re-radiates heat back into the space.

Earn fuel savings of up to 30-to-50% over conventional heating with infrared heat! Floors, objects and people retain the heat and feel warmer at lower temperature settings. There is an infrared system for every application and every fuel, natural gas, oil and propane. Rebate assistance for its energy saving is also available and offered to those who install it. As an Energize CT Partner, we offer contractors assistance for their customers who want to file for rebates for infrared heat.

Check out our Infrared Product Page or the Infrared Section of our blog for case histories, product news, and more!

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