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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about HVAC, Sizing, and More. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t see your question answered below.

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What benefit does the new A2L refrigerant offer?

A2L refrigerant compositions include hydrofluorolefins (HFO) such as R1234yf and R1234ze, hydrofluorocarbon(HFC) and hydrofluorolefin(HFO) blends such as R452B and R454B and some pure HFC’s such as R-32. These combinations result in a lower global warming potential (GWP) while maintaining the cooling efficiency required for commercial and residential applications. R410 A, currently used in air conditioners, is an A1 refrigerant that has no flame propagation at 63°C. Unlike the last refrigerant transition which shifted from the use of one nonflammable refrigerant to another, many of the new refrigerants are mildly flammable. HFO based A2L refrigerants are a cost-effective option and offer a GWP saving of up to 99.9% compared to HFCs while requiring only minimum equipment systems design change. In transitioning to more sustainable electric cooling the downside is additional training will be required of installers.

How is MagicPak™ better than a split system?

It’s Heating and cooling in one packaged, ductable system. Cost to install is lower and it’s easy to install. Does not require separate venting. It offers individual control per room.

How is MagicPak™ better than a split system?

It’s Heating and cooling in one packaged, ductable system. Cost to install is lower and it’s easy to install. Does not require separate venting. It offers individual control per room.

How is gas cooling effective?

Lowers your electrical demand charge and reduces your carbon footprint. Offers energy savings by reducing electric use up to 80%

What are the heating benefits of Infra-Red?

Saves 50-70% on heating costs over conventional heating systems. Heats people and objects rather than the air; offering greater comfort. Many different styles for many different applications Earns energy incentives from Energize Connecticut program.

How can I save on the cost of an upgraded heating system this winter?

Select a system that offers incentives for energy savings. Call us for an energy evaluation and choice of energy efficient equipment.

What is a gas fired heat pump?

It is an advanced water ammonia absorption process that provides heating and cooling with outstanding flexibility and performance that electric equipment cannot provide.

How efficient is the gas fired heat pump?

A gas fire heat pump provides heating that is 140-150% efficient, depending on model. It operates on standard single-phase power and uses only .75 Kw of electricity for 5 tons of cooling.

Do you sell to Homeowners?

As an HVAC wholesale company, we do not sell directly to homeowners because we do not install. A licensed contractor is necessary for the proper installation of HVAC equipment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your heating and cooling needs or the products we offer. We can also recommend well respected and licensed contractors, that we have worked with, in your area to get the job done!

Do you sell residential and/or commercial heating and cooling equipment?

We sell residential and small or large commercial/industrial equipment throughout New England. Our customers are largely based in Connecticut, but we have also done jobs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Check out our installations in states other than Connecticut in our Photo Gallery. We also sell related heating and cooling supplies such as trac pipe, fans and… Feel free to give us a call if you can’t find a representative for a product you need, and we can help you. You can find the equipment we specialize in under our Product Listings.

How do you manage keeping up with inventory to meet demands, while navigating supply shortages?

Supply deficits are common worldwide and in every industry. Recently, supply shortages have reached an all-time high in the HVAC community. Here at Clover, we locally stock heating and cooling equipment and are proactive in having equipment readily available to meet your needs! We are experiencing some delays with a few of our products, but we keep our customers informed when delays are evident. Due to this, we encourage our contractor base to order earlier rather than later to avoid or lessen the impact of these delays. When necessary, we can also offer substitute solutions.

Can I still get a rebate when installing gas products?

Yes! – High-efficiency gas systems on the market are incentivized by Energize CT through your local utility. Gas furnaces only get a rebate when replacing an 80% efficient older furnace and they REQUIRE preapproval. Check out our Blog on this for more information.

What incentives should I be aware of when installing gas?

Gas Infrared is a very efficient, energy saving heating system, that is incentivized by Energize CT. With savings of 30-50%, depending on the age of the system it is replacing, Gas Infrared Heat is the way to go! Check out the Infrared Section of our blog for more information!

What is the benefit to using Ductless Mini-Split heating and air conditioning systems?

Ductless mini-split systems are more efficient than a central air system. Their sleek design and quiet operation blends them into any room setting. Despite their size, they are powerful enough to cool any size room!

What are some advantages of a Mini-Split System?

Receive faster heating and cooling with a smaller footprint and quieter operation. Utilize precise room control to meet your desired comfort needs. Innovative technology that provides you the energy savings over a lifetime.

What is included in your maintenance package?

How often you run your system, the system’s age, its make and model, and whether or not it was serviced regularly over the course of its life can all play a significant role in how long your system will last you.d/or air conditioner to last approximately 15 years.

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