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Whole House Air Treatment

Healthy Air for Your Home and Office

Are you aware that Glade plug-ins, Febreze aerosols and scented candles could be masking volatile organic compounds polluting the existing air in your home or workplace? Neutralizing airborne and surface organisms that can cause respiratory issues is possible with air purification products.

We are excited to offer a new product line by Fresh-Aire that is effective, reliable and safe. APCO’s® unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon has earned AHR’s Innovation Award for indoor air quality (IAQ) one of the highest honors in the HVAC industry.

APCO-X is a whole-house air treatment system that is validated, certified, awarded and carries a lifetime warranty. The system sterilizes biological contaminants and neutralizes odors and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) that the CDC has said cause indoor air pollution. Filters remove dirt, dust and pet dander while the APCO-X reduces odor causing VOCs, and biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses such as COVID 19. In fact the APCO-X makes 99.9% of viruses inactive.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has created an environmental validation, UL-2998 that validates air purification products. Fresh Aire’s, UV-APCO products were the first UV/PCO based air purification devices to achieve this validation and APCO satisfies the green building, building code, LEED®, GSA Advantage®, CHPS and International Green Construction Code guidelines and directives.

APCO® installs directly into the central air system and the purified air is then circulated throughout the whole house, office etc. Not all central air systems are the same, however there is a Fresh Aire UV® system to fit them all.

4 air treatment systems are available for installation to treat your home or office. Blue-Tube UV®, APCO®-X, Purity Low Profile™ and Mini UV LED™. The mini is perfect for that mini-split system wall unit to create a healthier environment.

4 air treatment systems are available to treat your home or office:
• Blue-Tube UV
• PLP MODEL – the purity low profile (PLP) model is a perfect retrofit to replace the one-inch HVAC filter in a whole-house air polarized electronic filtration system.
• The first ever, Mini-UV LED™ is available for the popular mini-split system. It keeps mold from growing on the blower wheel of the mini-split A/C system


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