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Robur absorption, heating and colling solutions are gas fired, single phase heat pumps, chillers, and chiller heaters that require minimal electric energy usage to meet a building’s heating and cooling needs.

There are no mechanical compressors or engines to the system. Operating on natural or propane gas, the system is environmentally friendly with water and ammonia used to both cool and heat each facility. Fluids of ammonia and water are pumped by a generator to multiple air handlers or coils through out the facility using lower gas input to produce efficiency up to 130% and using less that 1 Kw of electricity.

Installations that have power issues, a need for cooling and heating simultaneously, or flexible needs for distributing heating and cooling to multiple areas are prime candidates for a Robur system.

The Robur thermally driven absorption heat pumps and chillers when modular are redundant in design. If one system is not working a second system will automatically pick up the load so you do not lose conditioning capacity. Operating on single phase, standard 208/230 service, Robur units offer up to an 80% reduction in electric usage. Less than 1 Kw of electricity is used to produce 5 tons of cooling.

There are four heat pump and five chiller models which will operate individually or modularly providing chilled or hot water to meet the required capacity. They are the only system available that can provide both cold and hot water at the same time, as long as you have the need for cooling. Simultaneous heating and cooling is accomplished with a four-pipe system and is very high efficient.

Chiller heaters and chiller heater links offer complete flexibility for residential and light commercial applications. Available in two or four pipe versions, these heaters have a maximum of hot water supply temperature of up to 185°F and chilled water down to 37.4°F.

The Robur system is an outdoor unit, so an indoor equipment room is not necessary. Over 100,000 chillers, heat pumps, and chiller heaters are installed worldwide.