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Only HRV/ERV in the Market With built-in true Automatic Electronic Air-balancing and Constant Flow Technology

Reversomatic, a Canadian company founded in 1972 provides the HVAC marketplace with both commercial and residential fans and energy recovery ventilators, setting the standard for quality and performance in the industry.

They continue to pave the way to a new normal standard for fresh air quality in the residential and commercial high and low condominium marketplace.
With 90% of our time spent indoors the air can be contaminated five times more than outside air. HRVs and ERVs act as a room’s lungs, allowing indoor spaces to breathe; continuously delivering fresh air directly into a room while continuously removing stale contaminated air.
Reservomatic’s heat and energy recovery equipment provides a constant air flow to all floors by a patented design and is HVI certified, Energy Star rated and meets ASHRAE standards.

The HRV’s compact slim design, 20” wide by 21” deep and only 9” high, is easily installed with steel mounting brackets. Permanently lubricated, variable speed ECM motors for air balancing are 115V/1/60Hz. The system takes in fresh air and removes the stale air to improve the indoor air quality by means of cross flow enthalpy controls. They are the only manufacturer with truly, automatic constant, air flow and are an effective indoor air solution that significantly lowers the risk of COVID 19 spread indoors.
A CVC regulator is an element placed inside the duct and is used for both exhaust and supply air, to obtain constant airflow within pressure range from 0.2 to 0.8 inch water column. The air volume is always the same whatever the pressure variation is in the ventilation system.
HRVs will operate with a fully ducted system or a fan coil system. HRVs are recommended for colder climate areas, while ERVs are recommended for warmer climates with longer cooling seasons.