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Tecogen Inc. introduced the first standardized natural gas engine-driven chiller, in 1987 and has constantly improved the Tecochill systems’ efficiency and environmental impact throughout its 33-year history. With heat recovered from the engine while cooling, the system offers 75% less global warming than a conventional electric chiller.

Through the Tecochill patented Ultera emission control system, the gas engine chiller eliminates pollutants to near zero levels and significantly reduces a customer’s carbon footprint. Tecochill also cuts costs by 30 to 60% when compared to conventional electric chillers and helps facilities avoid peak demand charges.

Quiet operation and the lowest fuel input per unit of cooling, of any chiller, makes it the environmental choice for today’s commercial and industrial customer. This is one of the many reasons why NASA’s launch pad in Florida, as well as the National Hockey leagues’ Ice Rinks, trusted Tecochill for the job.

Reducing the demand for electricity means constant energy management in order to keep costs affordable and maintain sufficient power for all. In February 2023, Tecogen, a leading manufacturer in clean energy, unveiled a new Teochill first at the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta. A new intelligent hybrid-drive system that provides the ability to blend natural gas and electric operation in any combination seamlessly, to optimize savings and carbon footprint and give owners extra resiliency with two power sources during grid outages.

Tecogen’s chillers have operated successfully for years in universities, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, grow facilities, ice rinks and industrial facilities.

Typical equipment payback periods on a gas-engine chiller ranges from 2 to 5 years. However, many Tecochill customers qualify for additional incentives from their local utilities, investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation benefits, clean energy incentives, demand response subsidies and the new IRA tax incentive.

Hybrid-Drive, 100-Ton Air Cooled Chiller 

This machine was introduced in February at the ASHRAE Expo. It is a revolutionary 100-ton intelligent hybrid-drive, gas electric chiller that
provides the ability to blend natural gas and electric operation seamlessly, in any combination. Both sources can be blended to optimize savings and carbon footprint.

Programming the chiller to your preferred operating mode, cuts costs and carbon footprint by as much as 30 to 60% compared to
conventional electric only chillers.

Tecogen’s chillers

Water Cooled model – Tecochill® STx, DTx water cooled, engine-driven cooling, from 150 to 400 tons.

STx Series models feature a single driveline (one engine) to provide up to 200 tons of capacity, whereas Tecochill’s DTx Series models use dual drivelines (two engines) to provide up to 400 tons of cooling capacity.

Tecochill® STx, DTx