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Recent studies of CO2 global warming impacts have electrical utilities promoting data that shows the minimal effect that electric chillers have on the environment. However, the news that should be shouted from the rooftops is that Tecochill gas engine cooling with heat recovery offers 75% less global warming than electric.

TechochillTecogen Inc. introduced Tecochill, the first standardized natural gas engine-driven chiller, in 1987 and have been consistently improving the systems efficiency and environmental impact throughout its 33-years of history. Tecochill is the only natural gas engine-driven chiller system, available for cooling large facilities, that is known for its cost efficient, environmentally friendly, reliability. Through its patented technology, this natural gas engine-driven chiller nearly eliminates criteria pollutants and significantly reduces a customer’s carbon footprint. Tecogen’s patented ultra-low emissions central technology, tested on a wide variety of diverse natural gas stationary engines, is proven to consistently reduce emissions of pollutants contributing to smog (NOx, CO and hydrocarbons) to near ZERO levels, on par to those emissions produced by super clean fuel cells.

Tecochill also cuts costs by 30 to 60%, when compared to conventional electric chillers, and helps facility managers avoid peak-demand electric charges. Quiet operation and the lowest fuel input per unit of cooling, of any chiller, makes it the environmental choice for today’s commercial and industrial customer.

Tecochill has been saving the grid one installation at a time and has been effective in providing universities, ice rinks, hospitals, manufacturing, commercial, and industrial facilities with great savings as well as a cleaner environment. This is one of the many reasons why NASA’s launch pad in Florida, as well as the National Hockey Leagues Ice Rink’s, trusted Tecochill for the job.

The true power of Tecochill technology becomes most evident in the summertime when the electricity rates are on the rise. Natural gas pricing is “off peak” and especially affordable at this time. Tecochill customers can also rest easy in the case of electrical blackouts because chillers will continue running on minimal electric load.

Typical equipment payback periods range from 2 to 5 years however many Tecochill customers qualify for additional incentives from their local utilities, investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation benefits, clean energy incentives and demand response subsidies that may be available to facilities installing Tecochill equipment.

Air Cooled model – Tecochill® RT Series offers 50 tons of cooling capacity. These chillers produce chilled water without the need for a cooling tower, and are installed outdoors for ambient air-cooling of the condenser.

  • Footprint comparable to electric chiller.
  • Operates with electrical minimal strain on standby power systems in case of emergency.
  • Switching to natural gas engine driven cooling frees electrical capacity for other useful purpose
  • Minimizes cooling-related electric bills in peak times

Water Cooled model – Tecochill® STx, DTx water cooled, engine driven cooling, from 150 to 400 tons.

STx Series” models feature a single driveline (one engine) to provide up to 200 tons of capacity, whereas TECOCHILL’s “DTx Series” models use dual drivelines (two engines) to provide up to 400 tons of cooling capacity.