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School chooses TECOCHILL once again

Twenty years ago, Tecochill gas engine cooling was proposed for Greenwich High School, located in the Southeast corner of the State, where there has always been issues with electric supply. It was natural that an alternative choice for energy to power the school’s air conditioning would be considered.
20 years have passed and the school was considering an upgrade to the system. They contacted their engineering firm to propose a new system. The same problem of an overloaded electric grid still exists in the southeast corridor of the State and the cost of electricity has skyrocketed. In reviewing the engineering materials for the Tecochill gas engine chiller, it was evident that this was the way to go today for clean energy and cost effective cooling for the school.
Tecochill’s ultra-low emissions control technology reduces pollutant contributions to smog (Nox, CO and hydrocarbons) to near zero levels while heat recovery savings from reclaimed heat from the engine and the limited electric capacity needed would cut the buildings cooling cost and offer great energy economy.
With electric chillers, customers can incur high peak demand costs. The cost of electricity in Connecticut, one of the highest in New England is $8.00 over the nation’s average cost. In fact, Connecticut’s rates have doubled in cost over the past 20 years from $9.53 to over $18.