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New Codes are coming in 2022

A new family of International Codes is coming, Spring 2022.  Codes are reviewed every three years and were last reviewed in 2015. The 2018 Editions were never voted on so the new codes that are coming will be the 2021 codes.  These codes have been in review all this year and will be passed and […]

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Replacement Market is Booming

With millions of aging HVAC units out in the marketplace it’s time to look to replacement sales. Better energy efficiency is making sound sense to customers contemplating replacing both furnaces and air conditioning systems.  Offering your customers the opportunity to cash in on savings this fall season, while energy rebates are still available, can boost […]

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Do High Efficiency Furnaces Really Save MONEY?

Previously furnaces of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were around 65% to 78% efficient. Today’s equipment utilizes 98.2% of the fuel input for heat which does provide a customer savings. Depending upon the efficiency rating of the furnace selected, there can be savings of as much as 30%, so the long-term gain will be worth […]

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