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Do Efficienct Furnaces Really Save You MONEY?

Previously furnaces of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were around 65% to 78% efficient. Today’s equipment utilizes 98.2% of the fuel input for heat which does provide a customer savings.

With the rising energy costs and HVAC products becoming even more expensive, are the newest energy efficient products actually worth it? The short answer, YES!

Much like all technology, advancements in the HVAC industry have provided environmental benefits, long term savings, and new alternatives to meet your individual projects needs. Depending upon the efficiency rating of the furnace selected, there can be savings of as much as 30%, so the long-term gain will be worth the initial higher investment of the high efficiency system.

Energy Efficient Savings for Homeowners

Customers upgrading their air conditioning unit to a 14 SEER system can result in up to 29% savings on monthly utility bills compared to a 10 SEER system. Pair it with a variable speed or constant torque furnace or air handler and achieve up to 16 SEER with savings up to 38%.

Give your customers the peace of mind that comes with the long term savings and quality assurance!

Energy Incentives are also available to offer customers additional savings through the Energize Connecticut program. Call us for details about applying for an incentive. As an We will assist you in obtaining these incentives for your customer 860-528-0081.

Product Highlight:

Concord Air Conditioning Unit

Versatility and Reliability of a Concord® system will also offer you a competitive edge. Each unit is backed by thorough testing for maximum performance season after season! For more on our total Concord line, check out our Concord Product Page!

• Units come pre-charged with refrigerant.
• Permanent lubricated condenser fan motor needs no annual maintenance.
• Units have a 10-year compressor and parts warranty
• Corner mounted access valves provide flexibility when replacing older units

Looking for more information on Energy Efficiency or if Concord is right for you, Contact Us today!