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Reznor - Clover CorporationReznor’s technological development and innovative advances in commercial and industrial gas heating and cooling equipment has been the hallmark of the company’s success since its founding in 1888. Products offered today are the most advanced in engineering design and satisfy a wide variety of applications. Products include a complete line of heating makeup air and ventilating systems, using gas, oil, hot water/steam, or electric heat sources.

The need for tempered makeup air is growing as indoor air quality gains prominence in the HVAC world. Makeup air systems provide a variety of solutions for a building’s comfort requirements. They can provide preconditioned fresh air, eliminating negative building pressure caused by exhaust systems and provide pressurization which, in turn, eliminates issues of infiltration drafts, accumulation of toxic fumes, and ineffective operation of current exhaust systems.

With energy recovery, preconditioned makeup air is designed to reduce the energy required to heat or cool outside air and supply it to an HVAC system while removing stale building air to the outdoors. With the option for flexible zone conditioning, you can also maintain different temperatures in multiple zones of an HVAC system.

Evaporative cooling models are designed for use with packaged heating makeup air systems and are available in seven different sizes. A free-standing evaporative cooling unit, with supply ductwork and a separate air moving device, is also available. All models are used with 100% outside air.

The perfect complement for today’s popular ductless system designs’ requiring reliable and efficient ventilation air is Reznor’s Z.62e unit. This ventilation model offers superior, high efficiency ventilation that is ideal for classrooms, data center battery rooms, offices, gymnasiums, theatres and other occupied spaces.

Clover Corporation personnel are factory trained and certified in the application and operation of Reznor’s varied makeup air and ventilation equipment. Feel free to contact Hank or Brian to discuss your next installation requiring makeup air.