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Batting Cages are indoor training facilities for all kinds of ball sports such as little league, softball and baseball. Recently the UCONN batting cages revamped their batting facility in Storrs, CT with a new REZNOR model RDH, outdoor gas fired HVAC unit replacing an older Hastings less efficient model.
The RDH-225 at the UCONN batting cages provides ventilation air as well as conditioned air for a healthier indoor environment. This model is an outdoor natural gas-fired HVAC rooftop unit with a horizontal supply and return and is available with optional cooling.

Reznor’s model RDH is a new, rooftop heater addition to the REZNOR brand line of pre-engineered ventilation air handlers (PREEVA) and is available in 11 sizes from 75MBH to 400 MBH.
The PREEVA Series can more accurately meet the building’s heating or cooling load, at times when less than full load capacity is necessary, providing you energy savings and more consistent comfort. The ability to modulate input allows greater control over constantly changing load conditions.
Most heating systems lose over 6 ½% of their thermal efficiency when modulating. REZNOR models start with high efficiency and maintain that efficiency throughout the modulation range to maximize your HVAC investment.