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Retrofit with Reznor

Manchester Regional Academy, on Wetherell St, in Manchester, CT is an alternative school choice for middle and high school students that recently underwent HVAC renovations to the school’s kitchen area.
A new, Reznor power vented, gas-fired forced air furnace, Model RPB 400 with make-up-air capability replaced an existing model.
The pre-engineered design of the RPB model allows for a single unit install to save customers engineering and assembly costs. Models are available in heating capacities from 400,000 through 1, 200,000 BTUH, are designed for outdoor installation and are equipped with a variety of control options for heating with a combination for make-up-air.
Make-up-air replaces the exhausted air from the kitchen hood that is vented outside and brings in fresh outdoor air that is then heated to room temperature. Equipped with all required limit safety controls, the system is completely weather sealed.