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Replacement Market is Booming

With millions of aging HVAC units out in the marketplace it’s time to look to replacement sales. Better energy efficiency is making sound sense to customers contemplating replacing both furnaces and air conditioning systems. 

Offering your customers the opportunity to cash in on savings this fall season, while energy rebates are still available, can boost your sales early this season.  Some utilities have already expended their budget for 2021 because replacement sales are booming.  The time is Now to educate customers on the savings that could be theirs.

Many wage earners, still working from home, are seeing their energy costs rising. Customers are looking to save energy dollars by upgrading older systems and reaping a benefit.  A 10 SEER air conditioner upgraded to a 14 SEER air conditioner can save as much 29% and paired with a variable speed or constant torque furnace savings could be as high as 38%.

Sell your customer on the savings, on energy and energy $, they’ll be glad you did.