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Infrared is right for Hangars

Bradley International Airport, the second largest airport in New England, boasts a Tac Air facility that offers award winning ground services with quick turn line services, aircraft maintenance and hangar facilities. The long runways and all-weather approaches are a convenient alternative to crowded New York airports and pilots enjoy the true airport security and cooperative assistance that Tac Air personnel provide.
Heating the facility are Omega II infrared heaters by Combustion Research Corporation.
Combustion Research Corporation has been manufacturing low intensity infrared heat for over 50 years. Airplane hangars are typically high bay, open-air structures with one large overhead hangar door. They’re rarely well insulated buildings so a lot of cold air infiltrates the facility taxing forced air systems to their limit to produce and regenerate enough heat energy to keep the building at a comfortable temperature without using a lot of energy trying to do so.
Infrared heat on the other hand is ideal for this type of facility because infrared, like the rays of the sun, warm floors, objects and people rather than the air, saving 30-50% over conventional units.