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The River Restaurant

The River Restaurant is a waterfront restaurant & bar located in a suburban office complex. An office building is an unlikely spot to find a restaurant, but just one look at the views and the reasoning becomes crystal clear. Situated in Putnam Park, CBS Building, it is the only office building in CT located directly on the bank of the Connecticut River.

The River offers guests an ultimate dining experience. Spectacular views are coupled with the highest quality first-rate cuisine. Steaks, seafood, phenomenal Italian/Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. It’s no wonder why The River was voted “Best Water View Dining” in 2020 by the Hartford Magazine!

With the onset of COVID-19, however, restaurants took a deep dive as people couldn’t gather indoors. The River Restaurant was just one of many restaurants facing extinction and changes needed to be made fast. A solution was found, outdoor dining!

There was ample space outside of the facility along the Connecticut River to install patio dining. The 2,000 square foot, multi-level, outdoor patio dinning area was built to retain customers and grow the business. The River Restaurant turned to Infrared heating to maintain this comfort of dinning through all seasons.

Why The River Chose Infrared?

In the past, infrared has been used in facilities like garages, firehouses, loading docks where there’s a lot of outside air to contend with. Could it be comfortable enough for restaurant goers to eat outdoors?

Radiant heat is like bringing the sun indoors, heating people and objects not just the air. You actually feel warmer at lower temperatures, resulting in huge savings. A properly designed, infrared system offers owners the most cost and energy efficient heating system available.

The River Restaurant has reinvented what outdoor dining is on cooler nights. Over 26 infrared radiant heaters are discharging at over 600 degrees of warmth at all times. At the River, you can always dine in the great (heated) outdoors, every day of the year.

Additional Savings Available!

Earn fuel savings of up to 30-to-50% over conventional heating with infrared heat! Floors, objects and people retain the heat and feel warmer at lower temperature settings. There is an infrared system for every application and every fuel, natural gas, oil and propane.

Rebate assistance for its energy saving is also available and offered to those who install it. As an Energize CT Partner, we offer contractors assistance for their customers who want to file for rebates for infrared heat.

Looking for more information?

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