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The River Restaurant

The Restaurant in Wethersfield, just over the bridge from Glastonbury was a popular eating place where people gathered for conversation and good food. Like many other dining establishments, the Pandemic crushed business when it hit.

There was ample space outside of the facility along the Connecticut River to install patio dining, so The River soon installed deck outdoor dining. The Ambiance of sitting outdoors along a beautiful waterfront continued to offer the restaurant a popularity of business.
As the pandemic continued through the summer and into fall, it was evident that temperature would soon cool customers on outdoor dining. When Combustion Research infrared heating was proposed to the owner, he was very interested.
Infrared heat warms people and objects not the air as conventional heating does. It’s used in facilities like garages, firehouses, loading docks where there are multiple overhead doors and worker comfort is desired. Could it be comfortable enough for diners to eat outdoors?
Experience has told us it would be. They have been used for many years for just this purpose down South and on the West Coast and infrared systems aren’t new to New England winters. Infrared heat has been used to keep concrete soft for delivery; to warm patios of Big Box stores for outdoor displays and to dry off fire engines returning from calls in a blizzard so they would be ready for the next call. The River Restaurant was thrilled with their results!
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