Upgrading Firehouse Heat Saves Town $

The town of Glastonbury had an energy audit done to investigate replacing the existing hot water boiler currently heating the Main Street fire house.

The audit said that the town should investigate converting the apparatus bay to an infrared heating system because it was more efficient and would give them their best option for savings and comfort.

Herb Schwinn, Glastonbury Town Engineer, contacted the local utility for information and in turn they recommended that the town contact us for information on systems and contractors to make a proposal.

Infrared heat save 50% or greater over convection style systems because it heats people and objects, not just the air, and people feel warmer at lower temperatures. The heated objects as act as a “heat sink” and re-radiate heat to the surrounding area.

Less heating input is needed with infrared because the system is more efficient and more heat stays in the space. This conserves energy and your building’s heating costs.

Dave Sacchitella, Glastonbury Town Manager, investigated infrared heat and put out a Request for Proposals to several area contractors to obtain bids for a new infrared system. The town also filed an application through the utility company with the state of Connecticut to receive funds from the CEEF. In addition, money the town received from the American Resource Recovery Act (ARRA) also contributed to fund the project.

Two Reflect-O-Ray, 3-burner, vacuum vented systems were used to heat the apparatus bays, with burners placed at the coldest areas near the overhead doors. Acting chief at the Main Street fire house said that the system helps them “better than anything he’s seen” to get back to readiness after a call because the trucks dry quicker with the infrared heat. The town has been very happy with the system, the savings, and the comfort that the new infrared system provides.

Infrared heat is superior to conventional heating systems because it saves on energy costs and reduces temperature fluctuations.