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Pet Lovers Making a Difference!

Willington Animal Control is a municipal animal law enforcement department for the Town of Willington, CT and a shelter for stray dogs. They recently installed a new infrared heating system to save the Town valuable energy $ and keep the animals comfortable throughout the winter.

Fuel savings up to 30-to-50% over conventional heating, can be realized with infrared heat. Floors, objects and people retain the heat and feel warmer at lower temperature settings. There is an infrared system for every application and every fuel, natural gas, oil and propane. At the Willington Pound, propane gas is the fuel used for heating.
A single stage, 10 ft tube delivers 45,000 MBH of heating comfort to the animal containment area. Combustion Research’s radiant tubing is constructed entirely of power coated, corrosion resistant aluminized steel (also available in stainless steel) and is guaranteed for 10 years against internally created corrosion. The tubes are available in straight and “U” configuration, power vented and fully reflector covered for maximum efficiency.
Breeding animals creates new dogs and cats who need homes. People who are interested in a very specific breed of dog or cat, think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy one from a breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who need homes.
The mission of the Willington Dog Pound is to minimize euthanasia of animals by promoting the facility’s pets for adoption in as many ways as possible. Stray dogs are taken in and if not claimed, they try to find a home for them. They also help other shelters and rescues manage their pets, adoptions and fosters.