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Grasso Technical School Installs Infrared Heat

The Ella T. Grasso technical high school in Groton, CT prepares students in grades 9 through 12 for college and career readiness, providing them with skills to be successful in today’s work environment.
Work based learning offers ETG students the ability to pursue advanced degrees in automotive engineering and to immediately enter the workforce with many automotive related skills.
Students perform in-school automotive projects for customers in their on-campus, state of the art, 16 bay garage in which Reflect-O-Ray infrared heaters were recently installed.
The school saves energy and valuable heating $ with highly efficient infrared heat and puts the savings into equipment and tools for the automotive classes offered.

The infrared, reflect-o-ray system, installed over each bay, offers a comfortable work venue for the mechanics working on vehicles because infrared, like rays of the sun, warm people, objects and floors rather than wasting heat at the ceiling, warming the air.

15% less BTU/hr input is required with radiant heating than a hot air system. Depending upon the efficiency of the hot air unit an energy saving of up to 50% can be realized when infrared heat is used.
The concrete floor acts as a heat sink absorbing and maintaining heat at the floor level and reradiates heat back into the space.
Since the energy savings with infrared can be extensive, the Energize CT program offers rebates to those who select it thus reducing the initial cost of the system to the customer.
Over the life of the system the customer also saves on energy use increasing his savings annually.
For additional information on infrared systems give us a call at 860-528-0081 or visit our website www.clover-corporation.com.