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Grasso Technical School Installs Infrared Heat

The Ella T. Grasso Technical School in Groton, CT prepares high school students from grades 9 through 12 for college and career readiness. Providing them with skills to be successful in today’s work environment, their work based learning offers students the ability to pursue advanced degrees in automotive engineering. Upon graduation, Grasso Technical School allows student to immediately enter the workforce with many automotive related skills.

While at the school, students perform in-school automotive projects for customers in their on-campus, state of the art, 16 bay garage. Recently, Reflect-O-Ray infrared heaters were installed to provide comfort to students through the colder seasons.

Why Grasso Technical School Chose Infrared?

The infrared, Reflect-O-Ray system, installed over each bay, offers a comfortable work venue for the mechanics working on vehicles.

Radiant heat is like bringing the sun indoors, heating people and objects not just the air. You actually feel warmer at lower temperatures, resulting in huge savings. Because of this, infrared is often used in facilities where there is a lot of outside air to contend with. When there is a lot of outside air, other forms of heating systems fall short of both owner and customer satisfaction. A properly designed infrared system offers owners the most cost saving and energy efficient heating system available.

15% less BTU/hr input is required with radiant heating than a hot air system. Depending on the efficiency of the unit, an energy saving of up to 50% can be realized.

Concrete floors act like a heat sink. They absorb and maintaining heat at the floor level and re-radiates heat back into the space. Because of this, students will feel warmer at lower temperatures, offering additional energy savings to the school!

The school has since been able to save on energy and heating costs with highly efficient infrared heat. The money they saved helped update equipment and tools for the automotive classes offered.

Additional Savings Available!

Earn fuel savings of up to 30-to-50% over conventional heating with infrared heat! Floors, objects and people retain the heat and feel warmer at lower temperature settings. There is an infrared system for every application and every fuel, natural gas, oil and propane.

Rebate assistance for its energy saving is also available and offered to those who install it. As an Energize CT Partner, we offer contractors assistance for their customers who want to file for rebates for infrared heat.

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