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Meadow Ridge Renovation

Meadow Ridge on Plumtree Dr. in Norwich, CT has been a Magic Pak™ installation for many years. On call maintenance is provided on site and both the maintenance department and tenants love the zero downtime and ease of installation when maintenance is required.
As the facility has aged over time, continuance with the Magic Pak™ system was very much desired. Zero alteration is required on a replacement. The ease with which a system is replaced is a bonus selling point when talking with developers and potential owners of facilities.
The older HWC models that were only 80% efficient have had efficiency improvements and are now 93, 94 or 95% efficient, saving tenants a significant amount in energy $ as the cost of energy rose.
Magic-Pak™ thru-the-wall, heating and cooling packaged systems are the choice of most multi-family developers today over split systems because they are more economical and easier to install. They also contribute to the beauty of the exterior of the installation.
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