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Green Turns to Gold in Stamford

Connecting Stamford residences to its waterfront is a neighborhood development centered around a prominent park called Harbor Point.
The project received LEED-ND certification for its leadership in energy and environmental design. It is one of only 48 worldwide to receive this designation and it is heated and cooled by MAGIC PAK®, thru-the wall, complete package, ductable systems.
Allied Air has taken the “split” out of split systems and packaged a heating/cooling unit that is mounted on an outside wall and connected to ductwork that carries the conditioned air to every room in the apartment.
All the air for combustion is taken from the outside and products of combustion are vented back to the outside. The system is very efficient and less expensive to install than split systems. Individual tenant control is an advantage to the system that pleases both the developer and the resident.
Harbor Point was designed to employ green construction practices and foster a sense of inter-connectedness with the surrounding community. Located in the city, close to rail transportation, this Stamford residence meets the needs of today’s upwardly mobile young population who desire both elegance and convenience in their lifestyle.
The Magic Pak® meets the design criteria of Architects and Developers alike. It mounts flush to an outside wall and blends beautifully with the facade of buildings. It’s the choice of builders at Harbor Point.