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The New Modern is Here

Eco-conscious living was designed into every aspect of Alterra Apartments in Rocky Hill, CT.
From the Magic-Pak¨ thru-the wall, heating and cooling system that provides residents control of their indoor environment, to the clubhouse powered with solar panels, and the organic ozone water treatment system at the pool, you will find Alterra designed to provide modern living at its max.
The beauty of the façade with Magic-Pak® is matched by the comfort created in each apartment by ducted heating and cooling to each room of the apartment. Energy efficient, with many resident and builder features the Magic-Pak® system is the desired multi-family system for indoor comfort.
The inconspicuous appearance of the Magic-Pak® on the outside of the building has architects describe it as the “invisible system” because it preserves their design vision for the facility. Gone too are the concrete pads for the condensers and outdoor refrigerant lines.
Magic-Pak® can save developers up to $500 per unit in up-front costs. Their plug and play installation takes about 15 hours, reducing labor costs. Units fit into a wall cavity inside each dwelling simplifying servicing and reducing maintenance costs.
Factory assembled and tested, pre-wired and pre-charged, the units eliminate onsite assembly issues. A consistent footprint room to room, floor to floor reduces time and costs during installation. Design certified as direct vent appliances Magic-Pak® has led the industry in quality and dependability for more than 50 years.
Clover Corporation, your area representative for the Magic-®Pak system, has been representing the product line for over 15 years and maintains an inventory of equipment and parts locally in East Hartford. Give us a call on your next multi-family application and compare the savings.