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Village on State

More than just a housing complex, Village on State is a newly constructed 55 and older luxury apartment community with a neighborhood feel to it.
The facility is 3 levels, with elevator and a state-of the-art Magic-Pak® through the wall, heating and cooling system. Ducted to each, one or two bedroom suite, tenants are always in control of their own comfort and room conditioning.
When pricing the heating and cooling for a multi- family property, equipment costs are just one consideration. Labor and materials are also part of the budget. Factory assembled and tested; pre-wired and pre-charged, the Magic-Pak® eliminates assembly issues. Simplified connections and consistent installation can save developers up to $215 per system.
The perfect combination of performance, convenience and flexibility, the self-contained Magic-Pak® systems are easy to install and maintain. There are no outdoor elements such as refrigerant lines or condensing units. The system is concealed in a closet and vented via an outdoor wall. Compact design minimizes building penetration and custom exterior louvers match the building façade providing an invisible look.
Discreetly installed out of sight, the heating/cooling system has forward facing components, making it easy to access for maintenance, saving time and money.
For more information on how Magic-Pak® can benefit your next project give us a call at 860-528-0081.