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The Market in Marijuana

The business of Marijuana or Cannabis is growing exponentially. A recent survey by the CT Department of Consumer Protection shows that in Jan-June of 2023 there was an increase of $24 million in sales of both medical and recreational use. As more states are legalizing and improving its sale, it’s time to think about the grow facility market!

Cannabis Expo Coming this Fall!

Harford Business Journal and New Haven Biz have scheduled a second annual cannabis conference to be held on Sept. 21,2023 at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Presenters will cover such topics as Building the Industry in CT; Opportunities in the Adult Use Market; Setting Up Your Cannabis Business and Buying, Selling or Transferring Ownership in a Cannabis Business.

The market will include several booths/tables of exhibitors providing additional information. There you will find TECOGEN, a clean energy provider, who will be exhibiting TecoChill gas engine cooling. Visit booth 301!

Tecochill Hits the Grow Community

Tecochill has become one of the leading HVAC systems used in grow facilities because of it’s creative solutions to this industry’s specific needs. Tecogen’s chiller business has doubled in the last two years, due large in part to the indoor cannabis industry.

Growing Marijuana requires an enourmous amount of energy. Thousands of lights are used indoors and facilities require a comfortable environment for the plants to grow effectively. Tecochill gas engines work to maintain the grow environment. The cooling help’s remove the heat generated by grow lights, while the recovered waste heat can be utilized to dehumidify the air. This dehumidification is important to assist growers in controlling the indoor environment to avoid pathogenic growth and mold. This enables growers to replace costly electricity with less expensive natural gas.

Tecochill also assists growers in reducing their carbon impact. Growing cannabis requires CO2 enrichment, a process in which CO2 is used to increase the rate of photosynthesis and plant growth. This added CO2 accounts for 11-25% of facilities’ greenhouse gas emissions. Growers also typically spend unnecessary amounts on CO2 that they then bring into the facilities for this process. With tecochill, the engine provides FREE CO2 enrichment, saving growers money and reducing the environmental impact with Ultera patented technology!

Tecochill chillers are proven providers of solutions for indoor growers, producing maximum yields, offering growers better harvests while also providing great energy savings. Grow facilities that have switched to tecochill have already cut electric capacity by 50% and have saved up to 60% on operating costs. Tecogen equipment enables tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act, that were recently expanded up to 30% of the project cost for systems incorporating low emissions technology. For more on this check our blog on the ITC!

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