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We do good things for Kids

The River Street School in Windsor, CT provides comprehensive academic and life skills curricula for students aged 3 to 21 with behavioral, communicative and neurological disorders.
The school became a Capitol Region Education Council member in 1972 and is celebrating more than 50 years as a CREC program serving the needs of students on the autism spectrum.
A new Tecochill gas engine chiller was recently installed at the River Street School’s main facility, replacing an older Tecochill model that had been providing cooling for the facility since 1991.
After many years of conditioned cooling at the school with gas engine cooling, the time had come to upgrade for greater efficiency. Once again a Tecochill was selected that continued to provide great energy savings for the school with reclaimed heat from the engine used to provide domestic hot water to the facility.
The photo to the right shows the new chiller being moved in to replace the older chiller model. Tecochill’s 200-Ton STX model reduces the school’s electric demand costs and offers it a lower operating cost for years to come. Operated on natural gas the unit only uses minimal electric power and can be operated in a blackout. Greenhouse gas emissions normally associated with electricity and hot water production are reduced 50% as well.