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UCONN Goes Hybrid!

UCONN is a prime example of how Tecochill proves its reliability and dependability time and time again!

Over 20 years ago, the University of Connecticut (UCONN) dealt with rising costs of energy. Due to the utilization of electricity in peak demand times, the cost became prohibitive. Electric demand charges assessed by utility companies had escalated over the years as the use of energy grew. UCONN began making a concentrated effort to reduce their energy costs, and HVAC solutions needed to be sought.

An assessment was done to determine the most cost effective and energy efficient options available, and Tecochill with heat recovery became the optimal choice to meet the universities needs. The use of natural gas became more effective than alternative options at reducing the energy costs on their campuses. Using gas in the peak summer season for electric made sound economic sense.

Why UCONN Chose Tecochill?

Tecochill is the only natural gas engine-driven chiller system, available for cooling large facilities, that is known for its cost efficient, environmentally friendly, reliability. Through its patented technology, this natural gas engine-driven chiller nearly eliminates criteria pollutants and significantly reduces a customer’s carbon footprint.

This sparked the beginning of UCONN’s journey with Tecochill as new central chiller plant was built on their Storrs campus. Two 945-Ton Tecochill gas engine chillers were ordered to level the university’s electric load. They lowered the demand charges for electricity very effectively.

The hybrid systems worked so well for UCONN in cutting their demand charges. Recognizing these tremendous savings, the university specifically asked for Tecochill when it came time to upgrade other parts of their campus.

  • – A 500-Ton gas engine chiller was added to South Campus a half mile away to serve 2 dormitories and a dining hall. This plant is unattended and controlled by the Central Plant.
  • – A 350-Ton gas engine chiller was added to their Stamford Campus when the electric chillers become too expensive to operate or are limited in the energy they are able to supply.
  • – An additional Tecochill chiller was also added to the Downtown Stamford UCONN branch.

To this day, UCONN continues to choose Tecochill products. They continue to install new gas engine chillers in the 21st century to continue to provide the university energy savings. Tecochill has also allowed them to meet the clean air objectives set forth by the state.

Looking for more information?

Tecochill has been saving the grid one installation at a time and has been effective in providing universities, ice rinks, hospitals, manufacturing, commercial, and industrial facilities with great savings as well as a cleaner environment. Check out our Tecochill Product Page or our Tecochill Section of the blog for product news, case histories, and more!

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