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Why Choose, When You Can Have Both?

Have you heard about the all new Tecochill Hybrid-Drive Air-Cooled Chiller? The latest in Tecogen technology is ideal for retrofit or new applications as the footprint is comparable to an electric chiller.

Seamlessly combine two power sources! Run on natural gas, or electricity, or BOTH! Intelligent Hybrid-Drive provides the ability to blend natural gas and electric operation effortlessly in any combination. Both sources can be blended to optimize savings and carbon footprint. Give your customers the versatility they deserve! Owners can program the chiller to their preferred operating mode.

Savings That Will Last!

Get the best of both worlds with the highest efficiency and the lowest operating cost. The Hybrid-Drive chiller cuts cost and carbon footprint as much as 30% to 60% compared to electric-only chillers. The combined heat and power (CHP) allows you to adjust power blend in response to grid carbon intensity inputs, to minimize Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Optimize utility costs based on real-time energy pricing.

Additional savings are realized by recovering free waste engine heat for heating domestic hot water, space heat, de-humidification, etc. Optimize utility costs based on real-time energy pricing. Customers may also qualify for the 40% Investment Tax Credit as a form of mechanical co-generation. Ask us about this IRA tax incentive available for reducing installation costs to see if you qualify!

Tecochill proves its reliability and dependability time and time again! Two power sources give owners extra resiliency, such as during grid outages. Easy to install, the system is Self-contained with no need for a cooling tower. Just plug in gas and/or electricity, connect the chilled water lines and optional heat recovery and start saving money. 

Tecogen’s extensive service network offers local service for many regions in North America. Factory-trained technicians not only provide expertise in the engine and its subsystems, but their capabilities extend to the entire chiller.

Looking for more information?

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Contact us for more information on the NEW Tecochill recently showcased at AHR 2023!