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Tecochill Gas Engine Chillers

Gas Engine Chillers from 150 to 400 tons offer an alternative to electric cooling to reduce
summer demand rates. By reclaiming heat from the engine, they provide great energy savings
in installations where hot water is used by providing free hot water and a lower carbon footprint.
Their quiet operation and lowest fuel input, per unit of cooling, of any chiller, makes it the
environmental choice for today’s commercial and industrial customer.
Ideal for retrofit applications:
• The footprint of the gas chiller is comparable to an electric chiller
• Reduces energy costs over electric by as much as 60%.
• Tecogen’s patented ultra-low emissions technology, Ultera, reduces NOx, CO, and hydrocarbon emissions to near ZERO levels.

Up to 225°F, high-temperature heat recovery is available without any additional fuel input freeing up electric capacity for other purposes.

An oil containment tank, a new advancement, eliminates the issue when there isn’t enough room next to the chiller for a drum. The tank is located as part of the chiller package and reduces the work technicians had of transferring oil from drums to tank and back again. At UCONN, Storrs, the 4 – 400 ton Tecochills have their own reservoir on the floor below.

A leading manufacturer of clean technologies, Tecochill has proven to consistently reduce emission pollutants, and provide a highly efficient, costeffective alternative to electric chillers.

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With 11 Factory Service Centers in North America, Tecochill gas engine cooling is providing cost effective solutions to the volatile US electric grid and offering residential and commercial customers a cost effective alternative to expensive electric cooling options.