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Savings Soar with Infrared

Bradley International Airport, the second largest airport in New England. Tac Air, a facility at the airport, offers award winning ground services with, aircraft maintenance, and hangar space.

The long runways and all-weather approaches are a convenient alternative to crowded New York airports allowing pilots to enjoy true airport security and cooperative assistance that Tac Air personnel provide.

Why Choose Infrared Heat?

Radiant heat is like bringing the sun indoors, heating people and objects not just the air. You actually feel warmer at lower temperatures, resulting in huge savings. A properly designed, infrared system offers owners the most cost and energy efficient heating system available. When there is a lot of outside air to contend with, other forms of heating systems just fall short.

Airplane hangars are typically high bay, open-air structures with one large overhead hangar door. They’re rarely well insulated buildings so a lot of cold air infiltrates the facility taxing forced air systems to their limit to produce and regenerate enough heat energy to keep the building at a comfortable temperature without using a lot of energy trying to do so. This makes them the perfect candidate for infrared systems!

Heating the facility are ten 40 ft length straight tubes at 150 MDH with reflectors for maximum efficiency. The system operates at 115 volt single phase with an additional 10 year warranty.

Combustion Research Corporation has been manufacturing low intensity infrared heat for over 50 years. Clover Corporation has been a representative for infrared heat for over 45 years and has experienced many varieties of installations that infrared has been the solution for. With up to 50% energy savings over conventional forced air systems, infrared heating is a very economical and energy saving heating choice.

Additional Savings Available!

The facility received a high efficiency rebate from Energize Connecticut.

Rebate assistance for infrared’s energy saving is available and offered to those who install it. As an Energize CT Partner, we offer contractors assistance for their customers who want to file for rebates for infrared heat.

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