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Julian Curtiss Magnate School

Julian Curtiss Magnate School in Greenwich, CT recently added a 200-ton, water cooled, Tecochill gas engine driven chiller that will provide air conditioning for the school. Future planning to add cooling at the school was originally designed when a 2-pipe heating system was installed.
A 4-pipe system, that provides simultaneous heating and cooling, was not needed for the school so a 2-pipe HVAC design of the school heating and cooling system was selected to reduce the initial cost for the Town when the heating was upgraded.
Tecochill gas engine driven chillers provide much needed energy at a lower cost than an electric chiller as well as consistent and reliable power even when the Grid cannot. The southeast corner of Connecticut has been challenged for a number of years to provide electric capacity during peak usage times of the summer. The payback range of 2 – 4 years and the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions were strong incentives for the selection of the Tecochill.

The Inflation Reduction Act offered the Town an additional tax credit savings of 40% in addition to the investment tax credit of 30% of the project cost because of the chiller’s very low emission technology. The expanded and increased tax benefits provided meaningful incentives for the purchase of the Tecochill chiller, improving the economics of the purchase for the Town of Greenwich.
The gas engine chiller eliminates most of the electrical load in today’s facilities because it runs with minimal electric power and will operate in case of a black-out. While providing cooling the chiller also provides free waste heat. On peak electric demand, those high energy charges are reduced offering flexibility for hybrid plants too.
• Tecochill chillers eliminate the cooling capacity of a building from gobbling up limited electrical capacity or requiring expensive upgrades to a building’s electrical service.
• Optional “waste” heat recovery is always available anytime the chiller is running. This high quality heat source can be captured and put to good use.
• Ultera, Tecogen’s patented ultra-low emissions control technology has been proven to consistently reduce emissions of pollutants contributing to smog (NOx, CO and hydrocarbons) to near Zero levels.