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Greenwich High Chooses Tecochill Once Again

Over 20 years ago, Greenwich High School dealt with rising costs of energy and issues with electric supply due to an overloaded grid. An assessment was done to determine the most cost effective, energy efficient options available and Tecochill gas engine cooling was proposed. The use of natural gas became more effective than alternative options at reducing energy costs and avoiding electric supply issues. Tecochill became the optimal choice to meet the school’s needs.

Tecochill proves its reliability and dependability time and time again!

20 years passed and the Greenwich High was considering an upgrade to the system. Yet the same problems that led them to tecochill grew. The south east corridor of the state continued to overload the electric grid and the cost of electricity skyrocketed. In reviewing the engineering materials for the Tecochill gas engine chiller, it was evident that this was the way to go. It continued to meet and exceed the schools need for clean energy and cost effective cooling.

Why Greenwich High Chose Tecochill?

Tecochill is the only natural gas engine-driven chiller system, available for cooling large facilities, that is known for its cost efficient, environmentally friendly, reliability. Through its patented technology, this natural gas engine-driven chiller nearly eliminates criteria pollutants and significantly reduces a customer’s carbon footprint.

With electric chillers, customers can incur high peak demand costs. The cost of electricity in Connecticut is one of the highest in New England. In fact, Connecticut’s rates have doubled in cost over the past 20 years from $9.53 to over $18. Tecochill reduces energy costs over electric by as much as 60%. With 11 Factory Service Centers in North America alone, Tecochill gas engine cooling provides sound solutions to electric grid issues.

Up to 225°F, high-temperature heat recovery is also available without any additional fuel input. Heat recovery savings from reclaimed heat and limited electric capacity cut a buildings cooling cost significantly.

Tecochill’s ultra-low emissions control technology reduces pollutant contributions to smog (Nox, CO and hydrocarbons) to near zero levels. With lowest fuel input (per unit of cooling) of any chiller, Tecochill is the environmental choice for today’s commercial or industrial customer.

Looking for more information?

Tecochill has been saving the grid one installation at a time and has been effective in providing universities, ice rinks, hospitals, manufacturing, commercial, and industrial facilities with great savings as well as a cleaner environment. Check out our Tecochill Product Page or our Tecochill Section of the blog for product news, case histories, and more!

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