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Connecticut’s First Solar Thermal – Gas Heat Pump Combination

Robur’s Gas Heat Pump continues to offer many versatile benefits in the HVAC marketplace!

This historic landmark building once home to Marlow’s Department Store for 83 years in Manchester, CT was recently renovated to be the new home of retail tenants, a nonprofit organization, and residential apartment dwellers.

Now entering a new era, this “green” revitalization is known as Dowling on Main and features 15 tons of natural gas-driven heat pumps on the roof, installed to provide the hot water for heating 12 apartments. In combination with a solar thermal system, Robur’s gas heat pump provides versatility and energy efficient solutions to today’s heating and air conditioning needs.

Why Choose the Gas Heat Pump?

Gas heat pumps use less energy by integrating well with other existing systems and producing greater heating and cooling capacities. The heat pump supplies hot water up to 140°F or chilled water down to 37.4°F. The same unit is suitable for heating and cooling by reversing the absorption cycle.

Cooling and heating with a unique gas-fired high-efficiency Robur heat pump offers many benefits that other systems just are not capable of providing. The gas heat pumps can be combined with the following: conventional boiler, solar systems, electric heat pump models, in-floor radiant. 

For more information on this product and more, check out our Robur Product Page!

Why Choose Solar Thermal?

The solar thermal system takes energy from the sun to heat water that provides heating for the apartments as well as domestic hot water. The hot water produced is stored in tanks to be used as needed.

Since the solar system does not provide the hot water needed 100% of the time, the Robur GAHP-ARs pick up the slack when needed.

When the sun is lower on the horizon as it is during the winter months, the Robur GAS gas heat pump picks up more of the load, supplying the hot water for both the heating and the apartments domestic needs.

Why Combine Both?

Using natural gas combined with renewable heat obtained from the atmosphere, the GAS heat pump offers over 126% efficiency. This is greater than any other gas system available today and by shaving peak electric demands in summer, the gas cooling saves you more $.

Come summer, the GAPH-AR unit reverses and provides 15 tons of 45°F chilled water for cooling, using only 2.25kW or 30amps of 208V, single-phase power.

In order for the thermal solar system to be approved for energy incentives from the state’s Energy Efficiency Fund, it must have a back up system. The Robur heat pumps are ideal companions for this type of system. For additional information on this installation or how to apply for the state’s energy incentives, please Contact Us at 860-528-0081.