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Energy Efficiency Rebates

Energize-CT rebates underwent a revision on June 1, 2022, for both HVAC and water heating equipment. They will undergo change again in January, when the new energy efficiency ratings will be implemented. Here is what you need to know to stay ahead of the game!

Energize CT’s energy efficiency incentive rebates are administered through local utility companies. The Utilities file a plan with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). Plans are developed on a 3-year cycle with the advice of the Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) and its constituents. As an Energize CT Partner Clover Corporation will navigate the pathway to receiving energy efficiency rebates for equipment that now qualifies for you.

The 2022 Natural Gas Heating, Electric HVAC and Water Heating energy incentives are available only for qualified equipment installed by a contractor participating in the Energize-CT program.

As we enter the heating season you should keep in mind that gas infrared heaters are incentivized up to $850 per heater. This, paired with the great energy savings offered by low intensity infrared heaters (heating objects and people not just the air), allows you to reap your savings in more ways that one.

Infrared heaters provide greater energy efficiency over conventional systems by minimizing the heat needed. People feel warmer at lower temperatures. Tools, objects and the floor act like a heat sink, and less energy is required to maintain comfort, thus lowering the cost for energy. Fuel savings from 30 to 50% over other systems is not unusual.

A variety of systems are available to fit the needs of many installations. Outdoor uses such as restaurant patios, music venues, golf driving ranges, loading docks etc. are extending the outdoor entertainment season with the comfort that infrared heat provides. Take a look our case histories to see just how versatile these products are! Give us a call 860-528-0081 or email: info@clover-corporation.com with your questions and how we can help.