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Clover Corporation

For the past 40 years East Hartford has been “Home” to Clover Corporation, a distributor of heating and air conditioning equipment and related supplies. As the company grew, so did the demand for their products.
In 2015 the company purchased an abandoned steel manufacturing building on Tolland Street and began renovations. Today the newly renovated 27,000 square foot facility houses their corporate office and distribution plant, that helps service the HVAC field throughout New England.
Part of the renovation included two 5-Ton Robur GAHP-AR gas heat pumps, installed to heat and cool the 3,000 square foot offices, sales counter area, conference room, and drafting area.
Heating and/or cooling facilities with the single phased power requirement of the Robur heat pumps eliminates an expensive electric upgrade. The units produce 45°F chilled water, or 140°F hot water which allows for greater flexibility in design. In lieu of large ductwork, the chilled water or hot water can be pumped to a variety of air handlers, coils, or cassettes which helps address the different heating and cooling needs in the facility.
At over 130% efficiency, the year-round Robur gas heat pumps not only are a renewable energy source, as 34% of it’s energy comes from the atmosphere, but they’re 30% more efficient than the highest efficiency gas appliance on the market and offers tremendous environmental savings with much lower carbon foot printing.
In addition to conserving energy and reducing carbon, the heat pumps help to keep manufacturers more competitive, schools and state facilities within budgets, and makes America a greener place to live, work and earn a living.