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Detox the Air with APCO-UVC

APCO® utilizes proprietary UV reactive carbon cells to disinfect the air and neutralize odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the indoor air. The system uses specially prepared adsorption media to capture VOCs, then, with the aid of a 254 nm germicidal UVC lamp, the captured constituents are neutralized through an innovative reaction process which breaks them down into elemental carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The monolithic carbon cells in APCO® are regenerative. Under normal operation it requires no maintenance and does not need to be replaced. Additionally, the UVC light in APCO® disinfects the moving air stream reducing airborne mold, bacteria and viruses. The UV light also reduces any build-up of mold within the air handler and ducts. And since not all central air systems are the same, duct or magnet mount varieties of the APCO system for furnace, air handler or packaged units are available.

An optional Purity Low Profile (PLP) is the perfect retrofit to replace your one-inch HVAC filter with a whole-house air polarized electronic filtration system. UV light safe with proprietary antimicrobial surface.

APCO-UVC In addition to the other varieties available, the first ever, Mini UV LED is also now available for the popular mini-split system. It keeps mold from growing on the blower wheel of mini-split AC systems. The mini UV LED includes a 40” LED strip which can be trimmed in 4” increments. It’s safe for eyes and plastic materials.

The Fresh-Aire UV light treatment systems benefit your family in many ways:

  • – Providing indoor air quality
  • – Plus ozone-free odor control
  • – And all the while saving money by keeping the central air system cleaner and coils mold free.