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Healthy Air for Home and Office

Since the onset of Covid, neutralizing airborne and surface organisms that can cause respiratory issues has become increasingly important through the means of air purification systems.

APCO’s unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon has received high honors in the IAQ marketplace. The system sterilizes biological contaminants and neutralizes odors and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) that the CDC said causes indoor air pollution.

Four air treatment systems are available. The “Mini UV LED” is perfect for even that Concord™ mini-split system wall unit to create a healthier environment.

Fresh Aire’s UV-APCO products were the first devices validated by Underwriters Laboratory (UL-2998) that validates air purification products. Earning the AHR’s Innovation Award for indoor air quality, Fresh-Aire’s product line is definitely something to take notice of.

APCO also satisfies the green building building code, LEED®, GSA advantage®, CHPS, and the International Green Construction Code guidelines and directions.
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