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Can Earlier Model Magic Pak™ Systems Be Replaced By One Of Today’s Product Offerings?


For over 50 years the Magic-Pak™ concept of heating and cooling apartment buildings and condominiums has become increasingly popular among building designers and mechanical contractors. An advantage to the single packaged, ducted system is that concerns over its obsolescence is eliminated. Replacements are available for units installed in the very earliest installations of 50 years ago.

Equipment built today includes modern technology for higher efficiency that will still fit the older Magic-Pak™ unit wall opening. Dedication to the interchangeability with earlier models is basic to the Magic-Pak™ concept of today and ensures that these units will never become obsolete.

In fact, Magic-Pak™ can also be used to retrofit other manufacturer’s thru-the-wall products that utilize the same size wall opening. That is the beauty of a Magic-Pak™ system.

Optimized for multi-family dwellings, the Magic Pak™ integrated heating and cooling systems offer developers and owners faster installation, cleaner uncluttered grounds without condensing units and simplified maintenance. With closet-mounted units installed in a tiny 2 ½ ft space discreetly out of sight, indoor design aesthetics are maintained.

Stainless steel parts, thoughtful drainage and individual component testing ensure that every unit will stand the test of time and tenant demand for years to come.

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