It’s known as the invisible system, and it is a packaged heating-cooling system that offers an alternative to central systems and split systems for multi-family household. With a lower first cost than electric systems (up to $500 savings per unit in up-front costs over traditional split-systems) it is a good energy efficient choice for any residential or commercial use. The MAGIC PAK® heating and cooling unit is mounted on an outside wall, and is connected to ductwork that carries conditioned air to every room in a building. Combustion air from the outside is taken in and vented back to the outside so no chimneys are needed.

It eliminates:ArmstrongAirMagicPakEWC4CutawayArmstrongAirMagicPakHWC4

  • building-wide service shutdowns
  • condensers on the roof or ground
  • external refrigerant lines and chimney



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