Robur, GAS fired absorption heat pump systems reduce the need for indoor equipment and conveniently address individual zone requirements. They utilize ordinary chilled water with “zoned” air-handlers for cooling and 140° F hot water by reversing the absorption cycle for heating, all with only single phase electrical wiring. Extremely reliable, with life spans of twice the life of conventional compressor driven units, these 5 to 25 ton, Gas systems offer high efficiency heating and cooling with a single system.

Gawebs Absorption Cooling equipment is ideal for commercial and industrial installations because it has a lower operating and maintenance cost than electric air conditioning and a much longer life on the equipment. Another advantage of gas cooling is that it lowers a customer’s electric use and in doing so relieves demand on the electric grid. Operating in single phase, the gas air conditioner saves up to 86% of electricity compared with a traditional electrical system. A single unit can provide cooling to multiple air handlers and coils. Multiple cooling modules can be twinned together to meet the tonnages of cooling needed and chiller/heaters are also available that combine both cooling and heating from one package system.


Gas engine chillers from 150 to 400 tons offer an alternative to electric cooling to reduce summer demand rates. By reclaiming heat from the engine they provide great energy savings to installations that use hot water by providing them with free hot water. Gas engine chillers, for example, provide significant energy cost savings for ice rinks. They provide dehumidification during the cooling cycle and provide hot water for the Zamboni machine for cleaning the ice surface and melting the snow collected during ice resurfacing.  Environmentally friendly, natural gas engine cooling reduces energy costs compared to conventional electric chillers by as much as 30 to 60% and frees up electric capacity for other purposes. High-temperature heat recovery (up to 225°F) is available without additional fuel input. Ideal for retrofit and replacement applications, the footprint of the gas engine chiller is comparable to an electric chiller.  Quiet operation and the lowest fuel input per unit of cooling, of any chiller, makes it the environmental choice for today’s commercial and industrial customer.

Teco oil holdTecochill offers a custom oil containment tank for their gas engine chillers that eliminates the issue in installations where there isn’t enough room next to the chiller for a drum. Fabricated for Stx chillers the oil containment tank is located as part of the chiller package and reduces the work technicians had of transferring oil from the drums to the tank and back again.