Infra-red heating is one of the most energy efficient methods of heating your commercial or industrial space. Savings of up to 70% can be achieved using this product. Infra-red heaters work by radiating heat down in a building, in order to heat the people and objects below. Objects then absorb radiant energy and re-radiate it to the surrounding air. This ends up improving temperature and heat distribution. Heat radiated to the floor is also much faster than discharging heated air at the ceiling. People that use infra-red feel the heat sooner, which means that the thermostats can be set at lower temperatures, saving energy and money.

Infrared heating systems offer many benefits over conventional heating systems:
• With infrared heat a reduction of heat lost in a space is realized. In fact the ASHRAE guide to heating, states that less energy input is required to maintain temperature than is required with conventional systems.
• There is a great energy savings with infrared heat and customers heat for a lot less when using it. Savings of over 50% have been recorded when replacing older, less efficient systems. That is why there are energy incentives offered to infrared users.

Combustion Research Corp.


Offers both gas and air Infra-red heating systems and provides six inch vacuum systems for large, high ceiling, installations.


Developer of the high intensity Infra-red heater. Offers models Supra and Primo which are 20% to 50% more efficient than the standard high intensity heater.

Superior Radiant Products (SRP)


Offers an in-line burner vacuum system; an Even-Heat tube heater and a combined hi-low, two stage high intensity system that has both high and low intensity heat.