We Are Clover Corporation

Clover Corporation has been a family owned and operated HVAC equipment distributor since 1976. It was first started by Harry and Eileen Cullinane to offer quality HVAC equipment to the Natural Gas HVAC marketplace.  Harry was employed by the American Gas Association to oversee and grow the department’s sales of commercial and industrial gas.  In 1966 he came to Connecticut from New York to work for the Hartford Gas Company.

Then in 1976, Harry was asked to consider representing the Servel gas cooling product line which had been purchased by Dometic. Harry created his own business, Clover Corporation and began calling on area contractors to purchase the cooling equipment he was selling. His wife Eileen was by his side, handling calls, replacement parts, and doing the bookkeeping. Arkla Servel™ natural gas absorption chillers (Air Conditioners) had been their main product, but soon after infra-red radiant heating equipment and REZNOR™ Natural gas heating equipment was added to the mix, allowing the company to grow.

246Harry and Eileen Cullinane

Located in southern New England Harry and Eileen were able to serve the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts markets while raising three children. Their sons Hank and Brian joined the ranks so the business, their father had built, could become a full service provider.

Teco Training photoClover Corporation TrainingTraining 2014

Hank joined the Clover sales team in 1986, bringing his technical expertise in Infra-red heat and gas cooling. Brian then joined in 1991 after going to school for business management and entrepreneurship, and further helped the company make technological advancements. Together they brought the company to new levels which allowed the company to grow. As sales went up, integration of newer equipment lines, those being Infra-red complimentary lines of conventional equipment and Tecochill natural gas engine driven chillers.

Since then, the company has offered training to keep customers up to date with the new gas technologies, and in 2017 Hank and Brian took over the family business, to follow their fathers legacy. The company also expanded into a larger building, and hope to continue to make improvements to not only their company, but the heating and cooling industry to come.