Clover Corporation is a family owned HVAC equipment supplier with a vested interest in getting the right HVAC product for the application. Our company has become the area’s foremost expert on Natural Gas cooling and Infra-red radiant heating. We specialize in offering the most efficient gas heating and cooling equipment available today. Whether it’s a 95% efficient residential gas furnace, a commercial gas/electric, an electric heat pump rooftop, or a 400-ton natural gas engine driven chiller, we pride ourselves on serving each customer equally.

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ArmstrongAirMagicPakHWC4ArmstrongAirMagicPakEWC4CutawayMagicpak-tm-cmyk logoClover’s goal is to assist the customer in selection of the proper HVAC equipment (or system) for the application, and satisfy the customer’s needs now and in the future. Friendly, knowledgeable service is Clover’s key to making customers satisfied. A varied line of products offer local availability for prompt delivery and immediate installation, every season of the year.

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